Tea Party - Liberty Tea for Two 04775617X

Tea Party - Liberty Tea for Two 04775617X

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The New Liberty Collection, Tea for Two, consists of a set of eight prints. Inspired by the famous typical British afternoon tea, Who doesn't love a cup of tea, cupcakes and dainty floral prints?

 Follow us down the garden trail to uncover a secret meadow where an afternoon of sweet treats are enjoyed amongst a plethora of flowers. Daises, trailing vines, toadstools and hidden strawberries, what is there not to like? 

The colour palette includes warm dusty pinks, coral tones mixed with lavender, denim and cornflower blues. The warmer, neutral tones are inspired by the stone paths on local walking trails.

100% Cotton.

Please choose quantity from the below chart. 

Quantity 1 =  50cm x 55cm

Quantity 2 = Half a metre 50cm x 110cm

Quantity 3 =. 75cm x 110cm

Quantity 4 = One Metre 110cm x 110cm

Quantity 5 = 125cm x 110cm

Quantity 6 =  1.5 Metres 150cm x 110cm

Quantity 7 = 175cm x 110cm

Quantity 8 = Two Metres 200cm x 110cm

Orders will be supplied as one continuous length unless otherwise requested.