Lavender- Peppered Cotton

Lavender- Peppered Cotton

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"Peppered Cottons" is a twist on solids by pepper cory for studio e. This fabric is considered a shot cotton which means that the threads in the warp and the weft are different colours. This helps to create an iridescent or chambray look which means that the fabric takes on different colours depending on the angle that you are viewing the fabric. Ideal for a a scarf or a cute dress.


100% Cotton.

Please choose quantity from the below chart. 

Quantity 1 =  50cm x 55cm

Quantity 2 = Half a metre 50cm x 110cm

Quantity 3 =. 75cm x 110cm

Quantity 4 = One Metre 110cm x 110cm

Quantity 5 = 125cm x 110cm

Quantity 6 =  1.5 Metres 150cm x 110cm

Quantity 7 = 175cm x 110cm

Quantity 8 = Two Metres 200cm x 110cm

Orders will be supplied as one continuous length unless otherwise requested.